About Me

Me & Maurice
Me & Maurice

My name is Colleen Worrell. I am a teacher, instructional collaborator, & Director of the Center of Innovation in Teaching and Learning at St. Mark’s School in Southborough, MA. This is a new position for me (as of 7/1/15), as is the shift from public to independent schools. This is my dream job. I skip into work each day, energized by the mission of the school and my role within it.

Yet as importantly, I am inspired to make connections between and beyond “school.” I started this blog to help me build more reflection into my life. I was inspired to start blogging by the amazing PLN I have developed on Twitter (@cdworrell). However, the process of applying and interviewing for a new job also inspired me since I found tremendous value in taking time out to think deeply about what I believe and how I want to build that into my career and life. As teachers we don’t do this enough!

I followed a unique path to arrive at St. Mark’s. My academic background is in American Studies (BA from Colby College, MA/PhD from The College of William & Mary). This culture of learning shaped my mindset and serves as my foundation for making connections across disciplines, locations, people, ideas, and more. It took me about a decade to go from ABD (all-but-dissertation) to PhD, as my primary focus was on teaching and starting a family for many of those years.

The connecting thread through all of this has been a passion for creating great teaching & learning environments. I have taught students of American Studies, African American History, US history, and education at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels. I have served as a Technology Integration Coordinator at Hopkinton HS, where I mainly focused on pedagogy & programming to build/support impactful, engaging learning. I have also served as the Manager of Professional Development for The Virtual High School (www.vhs.org) and as an advisor & instructuor for a Teaching American History grant.

I am a Massachusetts native with 3 busy children and a teacher-husband, along with an assortment of chickens, bees, and service-pups-in-training (as a volunteer with www.neads.org).


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