What are Your Buckets?

On day one at my new school, my supervisor asked me this question: “What are your Buckets?” From the brief discussion that followed, I interpreted her question to mean this:

  • What do you care deeply about?
  • What aspects of learning, teaching, education, and school are you most committed to?
  • How will this shape the work you will do at St. Mark’s and outside of the school in the broader education community?

I reveled in the luxury of contemplating these questions and took my time. I sketched my buckets on paper and used a sharp pencil to draw arrows, circles, and doodles to organize, sort, and connect my thoughts. Here is one of the pages:

IMG_4806As we prepare to welcome students back to campus this week, I am reminded of how important it is to keep those buckets in mind. As eager as I am to meet my new students and get started on our new school year, I wonder: How can I continue to connect the work I do on a daily basis to the buckets that drive and sustain me as an educator? How can I also leverage my PLC on Twitter and the writing I do in this blog to keep me and my work connected to those things I care most about: building relationships, teacher leadership, student voice & activism, social justice education, OER/Open Ed for K12, and the work of transforming “school” for all?

What are your Buckets? What are the things that drive you and how do they shape your daily practice?


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